Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trout Lake weekend

Like the swallows to Capistrano or the monarch butterflies to Mexico, so the Leishman family made their annual pilgrimage to the rocky shores of Trout Lake on the weekend.
Actually, it was my wife's family's first such camping trip to the lake but who knows - it may be the first of many to follow.
We gathered there to celebrate Bob's 50th year of stalking the earth with revelry, reminiscences, refreshments and of course a good dose of fishing.
Flying black ants were everywhere this weekend and of the two fish I retained for dinner, the one was stuffed so full of the insects, they were coming out of its mouth.
Amazingly I caught most of the Gerrard rainbows on an olive woolly bugger or similar fly trawled just below the surface. They averaged about 20 inches but I did lose one monster at the boat.
The weather was hot and the water relatively calm all weekend, surprisingly there was no evening rise.

While not fast and furious, the fishing was good, and the entertainment and company even better.

Happy Birthday Bob.

Great food, good wine, okay fishing and a ton of laughs - fabulous time.
Thanks for a great weekend everyone.

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