Sunday, April 21, 2013

Early season fly fishing on Box Lake

April can indeed be the cruelest month with unpredictably cool weather, that keeps ice lingering on local lakes, but if one searches hard enough there is always a lake that liberates itself from winters steely grasp earlier than others.
In the West Kootenay, the early go-to lake is Box Lake up by Nakusp, whose relatively low elevation, less than 600 metres, attracts a handful of eager if not desperate anglers.
You can count me as one of the more desperate types, intent on throwing string despite two days of relentless rain called for in the forecast. I loaded my float tube into the Subaru and navigated the twisting but scenic Hwy. 6 through the Slocan Valley.

Summit Lake
I took a detour up Wilson Lake Rd. at Rosebury to check out Beaver Lake, however it was undoubtedly still ensconced in ice and snow for at least another few weeks. I drove as far as I could before a deep, snow-covered road forced me back.
Stopping at Summit was no more inspiring as ice still clinged tenaciously to the shore, and with a freezing rain and blustery wind, was as inviting as a flat tire. I still wanted to try it yet as I was pumping up my tube, I soon  realized that the persisting hissing was a series of irreparable holes, which didn't sadden me too much considering how cold the water looked.